Intuitive Guidance & Healing v/Lucia Sienna Roberts 

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Career Guidance v/ Lucia Sienna Roberts

What does a Career Reading offer me?

When your career is in balance with your highest path and purpose, your work will feel fulfilling and exciting on a daily basis. Numerous psychological studies have shown, that we are more likely to experience success in a job we are passionate about and that makes us feel happy inside. 

A Career Reading could be an ideal choice, if you have just graduated from school and need some guidance with regards to which careers you are best suited for, or if you are dreaming about a change of direction in the future. 

Perhaps you are already in a job and would like to know if your current job is aligned with your highest path and purpose in life? The more aligned your career is, the more possibility there is for you to express and utilise your gifts and talents. In the reading, you will also discover your unique soul gifts and what would be most fulfilling for you career-wise.

A Career Reading takes a look at:

1. What would be your ideal career?

2. Is your current career right for you?

3. What are your unique soul gifts and drives, and how can you express them in a career? 

     If we don’t have the opportunity to express our soul gifts/drives to some extent through work, we can end                      up frustrated or unhappy.)

4. Are you a person who would like to be fulfilled by one career alone? Or would you prefer a combination of part            time jobs/vocations to fulfill all of your soul gifts and drives?

5. Your own personal questions with regards to career.

If you would like to book a Career Reading, please go to the Contact page and fill in the form, stating your full name and which day you would like to receive the reading, please also attach a reasonably current photo so that I can connect with your energy. A Career Reading in written form will be delivered to you in PDF via email within 3-5 working days. The length of the reading is typically 10-15 pages long. 

A Career Reading costs £85. Payment is via the Buy Now button below. When I have received the payment, you will be contacted within 24 hours (most likely sooner) to arrange a time that's suitable for you.