Intuitive Guidance & Healing v/Lucia Sienna Roberts 

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Client Testimonials

"Wow, you completely nailed both me and my life's work in the Akashic Record Reading and helped me understand why I always felt I had two soul purposes - because I do! I found your reading validating on so many levels. It was also fun and very meaningful to have a reading for my husband as well, confirming our connection deeper levels. I would recommend your work for anyone who wanted insight and understanding into themselves - both helpful and healing, I can't thank you enough!" 

- Billie Dean.

"Your Akashic Record Reading was spot on and helped me put a number of elements in my life into a new perspective. I found it surprisingly accurate and definitely very helpful. Thank you so much,"

- Andrew Einspruch.

"The Reading was amazingly accurate and very informative. The information provided gave me a sense of clarity and confirmation of what I already knew about myself. And it also revealed other interesting details that I was unaware of, which helped to put into perspective the bigger picture."

- Jackie Tran.

"Dear Lucia, I'd like to thank you in writing for the experience I had working with you for the benefit of my well-being. It is by luck that I came across your website, and little did I know how profound that stroke of luck would be. Energetic healing sessions are hard to wrap your head around at first, but after having my first healing session, the blockage that you found was of no surprise to me, it seemed familiar, yet at the time I did not know how to access it or deal with it effectively…. You also had the ability to identify things that I did not know were there for me, but made a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things, it was like a new discovery. I think the element that stands out most for me, was the shift in energy that I felt after the session, I felt lighter, more energized; more at peace and confident. I very much appreciate having someone guide me through the process of healing, clear away the congestion and set me on the right course. I know I ultimately am my own healer, but the guidance I received was worth its weight in gold, thank you very much."

- Camilla Isabel Marstrand.

"Before I received Lucia's Angel Intuitive Guidance, the 12th of October 2014, I didn't know very much about it and felt slightly sceptical. As soon as I started reading through the messages, I was actually blown away at how much sense they made and how in sync they were with my life at that time. I gained a huge amount of clarity around certain events in my life as a result of her guidance. I would highly recommend an Angel Intuitive Guidance by Lucia Sienna Roberts to anyone. She is truly gifted."

                                                                            - Josephine van Hauen

  1. "On July 2nd 2014, I had the pleasure of receiving a Clairvoyant Reading by Lucia and I must say, it was amazing! She told me what colours my Aura is, going in to great detail about every colour and their meanings.
    Then she informed me in detail about a past life and introduced me to my Guardian Angel. It was very interesting to hear of my past life & finally have a name for my Guardian Angel. She then proceeded to tell me of my childhood and truly amazed me, with everything she said, like she had been there! Then she told me of my adult life and again she was spot on with the information, there is no way of her knowing... Even the first letters of all three of my children's names. Then she went on to my present life, she knew exactly what my situation is right now... I'm in awe! Last but not least - in the Summary & Guidance for the future, Lucia told me what my Life Purpose is and all the information I needed to hear & the things I need to work on to keep me balanced. 
    She also made a reference to an issue with my mother and I really needed to hear that.. The reading was truly wonderful, amazing and perfect for me, I cannot thank Lucia enough, she has an amazing gift and is such an Angel.." See More

- Angela Kay Hernandez